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Autodesk Water feedback portal

Welcome to Autodesk water products ideas portal

Thanks for joining the conversation. We love hearing from our customers. If you have any suggestions for new features, enhancements, or products we should consider building, please share them with us!

Ideas submitted through this portal will be sent directly to our Product Management team for review. Once received, the Product Management team will review the idea and assign it a status. From there, supporters of this idea will receive an email notification when key status changes occur.

The more description you can add to your idea, the better. Particularly with regard to the value it will provide to you and how it will help you do your job better.

💡 Ideas statuses

For Review

The Initial status assigned to all submitted ideas. The idea is in the queue to be reviewed by our team.

Gathering Support

This is a reviewed idea gathering community support.


This idea has been added to the product!

In Progress

This idea is in Progress.

Under Consideration

This idea is under consideration as a high-priority idea for the product roadmap.

Will Not Implement

The idea will not be considered at this time due to reasons including, but not limited to, misalignment with product fit, scope, implementation, or value to multiple customers.

Already Exists

The idea duplicates one that has already been entered into the system or the functionality that is being requested is available.

📚 Resources

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For support requests or to report bugs, please open a case in the Autodesk Support portal rather than sharing those issues on this site.

Our team will do our best to review all ideas promptly. If it takes a while before your idea is reviewed, know that our team is working on all the other great ideas on this site!